Why are you here?

I blame many people.

Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, Justin Jackson, Seth Godin, Matt Giovanisci, James Altucher, Jeff Goins, the Fizzle team, and a million other people that I'll never remember to thank.

But mostly, Seth Godin.

Specifically, his book, What to do when it's your turn [and it's always your turn]. Of all the things I've read recently, this is the 156 page manifesto that caused me to sit down and actually start writing again. To take action. To move forward. To be the creator rather than the consumer.

It's deceptively easy to just consume things. Whenever something is even slightly tough, it's easier to say, "I'll just check Facebook." Or Twitter. Read that article, that book. Check my email. See what new music I can find to listen to that will make me 37% more productive.

But that's just hiding.

Hiding from the work of putting something out into the world. Afraid that I might be critized; that it won't be good enough. That I might fail.

As I went down this road of accepting that I really am a creative person, a few things struck me as the things I'd like my day to be made up of. Reading. Writing. Helping people. Learning. Teaching. Doing something fun.

So that's why I'm here. To have fun, doing geeky things. Creating words on a website. Learning new things, whether that's how to setup a Jekyll website, how to nail a promo voiceover read, or just how to prepare a bento box for lunch. This will be the place for the whole, varied person that I am.

In the future, I'll probably separate things I find myself writing about often on to their own website, so that you can get a curated look at the things that interest you. But everything will also appear here, so that I have a true "home" on the web.

By the way, I'm Robert Simplicio. Nice to meet you. Come say Hi over on Twitter, or email me at Robert {at} Simplicio.com